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Bubble Shooter - 4 Seasons

Highly addictive classic Bubble Shooter game!


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Ancient Egypt Mahjong
FREE Egyptian mahjong solitaire game!
Mahjong Kings and Knights
Classic mahjong game set in Medieval Times.
June 2nd
Hidden Object - Brat Daughter Free
Deal with your daughter's behavior.
March 16th

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  • What does an Actually Free Game© certification mean?
    An Actually Free Game© means that you are getting the full game experience and there are no paid in-app purchases.
  • Why should I care?
    It will help you to immediately identify quality content that does not change based on how willing you are to spend money. Additionally you can invest your time in a game without worrying that it will start asking you for money once you are hooked on it.
  • Wait? Isn't it good to play games that want me to spend all my money?
    Sure, there is nothing wrong with supporting the development of games that you like. The life of a good game is often directly determined by the players who support it. The “Free to Play” model can work great, all we are doing is helping you identify games that have chosen a different path.
  • A different path?
    Yes, you can also support a game by watching ads and an Actually Free Game© is allowed to use them. Often those ads will actually be for F2P games. A high quality F2P game is so effective at getting people to spend money that they will pay $2 or more if you install it. A great way to say thank you to the developer of a Actually Free Game© is to try out one of the other games advertised within it.
  • I hate ads! Can't I just pay you money to turn them off?
    Actually you can't. Although that is a perfectly reasonable request it would mean people who pay money get a different experience than those that don't. In order for a game to be certified Actually Free everyone must get the same experience and real money can play no part in it.
  • Is a game really free if it has ads?
    That is an interesting question. Is broadcast TV free because it has ads? Or Sesame Street if it's sponsored by corporation? Is a park free because you pay taxes? Is it free if you don't? These are big questions and ones we aren't attempting to answer. What we can say clearly is that a Actually Free Game© gives you the full experience and you aren't allowed to spend real money within it.
  • How can I tell if a game is actually free?
    A great question! Our goal is to make it easy for you to identify them. Just look for the copyrighted AF certification mark in the bottom corner of the app icon.
  • Are there any games actually using it?
    Yes, there are over 20 games already and more are getting certified everyday. You can find them here.
  • Does Actually Free mean the content is appropriate for my kids?
    No. The certification only means that you get to experience the full game without ever having to pay real money. The rest of experience may or may not be appropriate for your kids.
  • Can you let me know when new actually free games are released?
    Sure, click/tap here, then sign up for our newsletter.
  • I'm a game developer. Can you certify my game?
    Yes, if it qualifies. Please click/tap here for details.

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