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Getting Certified is easy! Just follow our rules:

  • I have a great game. Can you certify it?
    In order to be certified your game must offer players the full experience and can't have any paid in-app purchases. The full experience means there can't be another version of the game available on GooglePlay that's better than the Actually Free Game© version. Most commonly this would happen if you had a premium version available for sale in addition to the free app.
  • Yes, but the premium version just removes ads
    Unfortunately that would disqualify your app. The ad-free version is a different experience and could cause confusion with the player that the Actually Free version is inferior to the paid version.
  • My in-app purchase only removes ads. Otherwise its the same, will that work?
    Actually Free games can not have any paid in-app purchases. It's much simpler this way and ensures that money doesn't play a role in the player experience even if its just the removal of ads.
  • I have in-app purchases but they are just decorative. They don't affect the gameplay.
    Again, this would disqualify your game. A decorative item is still something that a non-paying customer can't experience.
  • Yes, I have in-app purchases but that just speeds up progress. A non-paying player can still do all the same stuff.
    Well done. This is our favorite style of F2P games but it obviously doesn't comply with a Actually Free certification since paying money affects the players' experience.
  • Ok, I understand. My game doesn't do any of that. There are no paid in-app purchases and the player gets the full experience. Now will you certify it?
    Yes, it costs $99. Please contact us.
  • What?! Why do I have to pay $99?
    We'll play the game to make sure it qualifies and then list it on the site. That takes time and we are also investing in the Actually Free Games© brand to educate consumers on its value. No promises, but we might also give you some monetization tips. It's possible to make a lot of money from advertising and still maintain a great user experience if you do things correctly.
  • I'm a poor Indie developer - can't you do it for free?
    Maybe, please contact us and we'll see if we can work something out.